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SuperTools Installer Repaired - Apr 2nd 2013

SuperTools installer has been repaired, and now works also on 64-bit Windows and AutoCAD.

SuperTools Expanded To AutoCAD 2014 - Mar 30th 2013

SuperTools has expanded to one more AutoCAD version. Now it works on the newest AutoCAD 2014.

SuperTools On AutoCAD 2009-2013 - Mar 11th 2013

SuperTools has expanded to more AutoCAD versions. Now it works on these versions: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. It's completely free!

SuperTools Has Two New Tools - Mar 3rd 2013

SuperTools has two new toools, for drawing iron pipes and copper pipes, including 3D views.

Order custom tailored AutoCAD tools that will exactly work as you want them to. Automatize your routine work.

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Turn MS Excel into your own customized working environment. Get new tools, new ribbon tabs, and whole embedded applications.

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Create summaries in MS Excel automatically based on AutoCAD drawings. Collect large amounts of data with a click of a button. Let AutoCAD and MS Excel work as a team. Leverage their full power, save energy and time.